Christine Dobkowski, the new Mayor of Belleview Florida outlines a new Economic Action Plan for her City.  A previous councilman and long time political activist, Christine is recognized as an effective leader.  

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State leaders join to support Florida's own, VFW Fort McCoy retirement home.  Press releases are detailing a great second season for or Vets holding Horse Fest II.

 Senator Alan Hays and Representative Marlene O'Toole host Governor Rick Scott at the Villages for the Signing of the Jobs Budget.  Representative Trudi Williams fills out the support team that is helping Governor Rick Scott get it right.

Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain comes to Marion County's The Villages to kick off his march to Washington DC in 2012.  Visiting Marion County Herman Cain honored a cheering Republican Crowd.  Later the same week brought Governor Rick Scott to The Villages to sign his Jobs Budget.  Cutting waste and promoting education is Scott's theme.

Senator Anna Cowin steps up her effort to support Cancer Research.  Visit Anna's Daughter's website soon to learn more about her courageous struggle against Cancer.  Anna's daughter Lynda Nijensohn,  of 15 Lewis Path, Wayland, MA 01778 has survived and is an inspiration to us all.  

 Representative Trudi Williams introduces HB 239 to block the EPA invasion of Florida.
Blocking the Axis of Unemployment centered around DEP's anti growth Springs Protection community organizers is a goal of many floridians. 
Environmental Protection Chair, Representative Trudi Williams addresses Marion County EDC and Environmental concerns.  Trudi has a plan to reduce regulation and control that has been stopping Florida businesses.  Hoping to stop EPA involvement in state issues, Rep. Williams is the answer to help EDC Florida Springs Protection Director Don Browning reduce the anti growth regulatory layer that has helped kill business in Florida.  Governor Rick Scott needs this level of support in the legislature if we are to save Florida's Economy.  Representative Williams receives an "A+" from Tax Watch Florida.
Springs Protection means Development of the Tourist Attraction and promotion of Florida as the Best Place to Visit

Environmental Protection Chair Trudi Williams
Trudi Williams speaks for the citizens of Florida.

Villages Firefighters help Marion County Lana Phillips family deal with a major fire days before Christmas.  Rep. O'Toole will work to keep essential governmental services.  Villages/Marion County officials hope to improve the overall Economic Action Team impact allowing reduced property taxes for Village's residents.  Currently, the Villages carry a disproportionate load of economic recovery efforts.

 Fl News: Marlene O'Toole leads the Marion County Delegation in the house, with strong Committee Leadership positions in the Florida House.  Appropriations Committee and the Government Operations Appropriations Subcommittee will be key to Florida budget reform.  O'Toole received an A+ rating from Tax Watch Florida.  Using a strong private corporate business background from her time with IBM, Rep. O'Toole appears likely to help achieve Florida's Economic Recovery.
Pam Bondi, Alan Hays, Rick Scott, Kathy Bryant, Carl Zalak, Charles Van Zant, Charlie Dean, Dean Cannon and Dennis Baxley all received A+ ratings by Tax Watch Florida.

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Newly elected County Commissioners have support in the state house and at the grassroots level.  On the Campaign Trail, Marion County VFW Home Veterans welcome Kathy Bryant to the Ft McCoy Retirement Home.  Veterans, active in life are active in their community in retirement.

Kathy Bryant is working to put Marion County on the map.  Republicans came together to select Kathy and here support is building.  Veterans are a strong base for Kathy's conservative base.  Tax Watch Florida endorses Kathy for her strong Economic Action Platform.  Bring back Silver Springs is a great start for Kathy.  Sewer Plant Effluent from Gainesville Utilities is a major problem that Kathy has in her sights.  Dumping 6 million gallons of processed sewer effluent into our drinking water is no way for Alachua to be a good neighbor.  Helping people select Marion County for a repeatable positive experience is how we are going to rebuild a vibrant Florida Economy.  

Promoting her Florida is a calling for  Future Commissioner Kathy Bryant.  The Rest of Orlando is the natural base for understanding the many choices for a Florida Tourist.  Promoting business is Kathy Bryant's top priority, followed by smaller, more responsive government.

 Pam Bondi will hit the deck running.  New to Public Office, Pam has strong ties to Central Florida.  Chairman Stan McClain and Bret Doster bring home a winner.  Florida is back on track.

Newly elected Marion County Commissioner, Carl Zalak joins a strong County Commission and will likely be able to undo the harm of excessive environmental regulations established over the last four years.

Utilities are now shown behind the environmental push to regulate private citizens.  Marion County, City of Ocala, and Alachua sewer and storm sewer utilities are now known to be at the heart of point source pollution impacting Marion County Springs. 

Political News:  A great leader in the Florida Senate, Senator Paula Dockery decides to withdraw from the Florida Gov. Race.  Florida Att. Gen. Bill McCollum stays in the race to carry the GOP Banner!
Reform Candidate for US Congress addresses Clay County Voters on Memorial Day.  Browning announced up coming Browning vs Stearns Debates for 2010.  Don Browning is the first Republican to enter the Republican Primary in 20 years, and so far Cliff Stearns has been a no show.  Don started the Congressional Presentations by asking that Federal Employees who work for Cliff Stearns stop showing up at Candidate Forums.   

 Don Browning hopes to join with District 6 Voters and Reform the U S  Congress
Don Browning seems to be leading the Congressional interest polls these days.  Having made a strong showing in 2010, Don is being encourged to close the deal on unseating Cliff Stearns in 2010.  He is taking on a long time establishment congressmen in order to bring sanity to America.  Working at grassroots community levels, Don Browning is using the 6 District to help bring America back to core values.  
The Recent Clay County Tobacco Prevention program to help youth voice their opinion on deception and unfair marketing tactics was recognized as a State Wide Florida Health Leadership Program.  Mary Ann and John Steinberg join the Clay County Community in setting a fresh, fair political tone.

Paula Dockery Drops Out of Florida Governor's Race.

HER Florida must have open government. Senator Dockery finds code words used to protect Utilities Discharging pollution into Aquifer. DOT is called on the carpet.



Florida Senator Charlie Dean works to bring sanity to Utility Discharge Pollution in his Florida.  Charlie Dean has a solid background at the grassroots as a native Floridian, Educator, Sheriff, State Representative and Florida Senator. 

Florida's Springs Protection is the key to Economic Tourism Rebound.

Florida Destination Adventures. Silver Springs in Marion County is a key starting point.

Tourism World Leader.

Senator Paula Dockery has been tending to Florida's Environmental Issues for many years. Contact her to protect Florida's Natural Treasures.

Senator Dockery is a champion of Florida history, education, the arts, springs protection, technological progress, and the People of Florida.

Don Browning images from the campaign trail and art images from around Florida.  Don uses Florida Art to promote Conservative Grassroots Political action.  

Senator Charles Dean called for an important meeting in Ocala Florida. Citizens explained the problem of being sandwiched in between Alachua Sewer Plant dumping 6 millions of Sewer Effluent daily into the aquifer, and Orlando's Wekiva Springs Area discharging 50 million gallons of processed sewer effluent daily into the aquifer. Most of the nitrate entering into Silver Springs comes from these two sources. Regulation by FDEP, has kept data from the public but information is now surfacing much like the pollution, more and more each year. Springs Protection . Com Editors have started a new search technique that brings pollution sources to light. Searching for Utility Pollution gives little results, however searching for Beneficial Sewage Recharge will give many billions of sewer and storm runoff examples. Senator Paula Dockery and Senators Charles Dean and Steve Oelrich are getting very good at helping uncover code communications used to confuse and deceive the public.

Florida's Water Czar of Team Conservation to present answers by Senator Paul Dockery.

Senator Paula Dockery.  What will she bring to the table if elected Governor of the State of Florida?

December's questions, should DCA and FDEP have to explain their reduced growth programs? Should Utilities filter Contaminated Effluent before discharging it into Florida's Drinking Water?